Author Keeya Mcswain Consulting

There are many decisions to be made when self-publishing a book: paper stock, book size, color options—and these are just book specifications! You’ll also have to set up business accounts, obtain ISBNs, choose a distributor, and decide whether to go with print-on-demand (POD) or offset printing. To help you make these decisions, we offer consulting sessions to guide you along your self-publishing journey.

Self-publishing consulting topics

Self-Publishing Overview

  • provide an overview of the self-publishing process
  • review your self-publishing expectations and goals
  • discuss the business side of self-publishing
  • go over the different printing and distribution options available to you

Business Setup

  • review the different self-publishing business structures and which is right for you
  • assistance in establishing your IngramSpark and/or your Amazon KDP account
  • discuss ISBNs, copyrights, and LCCNs and assist you in obtaining them

Your consulting sessions will be held with  Author Keeya McSwain .  Sessions will be held via Zoom and  will last approximately 45 minutes.

Cost: $60 per session